Are you looking for the best job or employee? You are at right place. We at the connect4resource focus on providing the best option for you. It’s a place where your dream comes true. It is a platform where business organizations get the best talent. The connect4resources gives you the best solutions for your career. The corporate environment helps in personal and professional growth to every individual along with organization development. Our best recruiting process aims and aligns recruiters to deliver the best professional talent to the organization. We set the incredible talent and quality bar. We do unbiased hiring decisions.



Understanding- First and the foremost thing which is vital to comprehend is the need of employee and employers. The best match must be conceivable if we comprehend the need completely. A dedicated and highly professional counsellor will work with you, effectively recognize your business and employee needs; and will guide you consistently.


Recruitment Planning- A far-reaching recruitment plan can bolster the procuring divisions' endeavours to distinguish and select a highly qualified, talented and different workforce. Planning in advance will increase the quality of your enrolment procedure, limiting expensive procuring mistakes and guaranteeing your business is all around prepared for future progress. Building up a plan for your recruitment that considers the total procedure from beginning to end can help you in accomplishing the objective.


Strategy development- While building up a recruitment strategy, we distinguish diverse ranges within the enlistment process that ceaselessly enhance according to the prerequisite. It includes the companies’ necessity, market search and sources of recruitment.


Search Target Plans- Keeping as a primary concern the prerequisite of employee and business association, our expert group will set up a hunt methodology to viable target coveted applicants or business association.


Companies/ Corporate Mapping- We at connect4resources do industry study, information mapping of association structures, pay, capability and profiles of workers in organizations within a specific industry or practice. Being a productive recruitment organization, amid the mapping exercise, we perform industry-particular work area and field examine on organizations and important individuals.


Candidates Mapping- Once the objective business/association rundown is settled upon, every one of the assets and systems is utilized to build up the database and the candidate list is prepared. The applicants are mapped best according to the necessity.


Screening- Screening- a procedure of screening might be utilized first to sift through those candidates who don't meet the fundamental criteria for the occupation. The candidates which full fills the eligibility is shortlisted for further process.


Short-listing Application and Evaluation- To recognize an appropriate pool of possibility for further appraisal, work applications are explored and shortlisted as per qualifying criteria; keep away from separation, save time and cost.


Interviews- The key motivation behind an enrolment interview is to survey the skills, experience and general foundation of candidates who have applied, keeping in mind the end goal to settle on a selection on which applicant is the most appropriate individual for a specific role or job. We set up a point by point resume and assessment outline to encourage the interview procedure. On getting the input of your interview, we will work alongside you to draw up a final list of selected candidates.


Reference Check and Follow ups- A complete reference of the selected candidate is done. The details of the individual have checked altogether from their last employment experience and furthermore from the references given by the candidate according to the resume. After the individual is appointed or selected a follow-up is accomplished for a smooth move.


With regards to screening employees, prescreening is a standout amongst essential strides. It enables you to guarantee each of your forthcoming employees has something significant to offer to the organization as per the requirement. Screening for eligibility figures out who is qualified to push ahead in the occupation competition. All candidates must meet the essential qualification criteria and the occupation prerequisites found in the employment profile.


Short-listing applications are the way toward choosing which candidates ought to be followed up with an interview and which candidates can be quickly managed out. Best suited applications are shortlisted for a job.



A technical interview round is conducted for the required post. This round is based on the skill required for the post. The specialized interview is regular among corporate world. Basically, it's a meeting to evaluate your specialized capacity, typically identified with the specialized information required for the role and the association you wish to work for.



Screening interviews with HR experts are a critical stride to landing the position. A decent or terrible meeting with HR will decide how far you go in the talking procedure and furthermore decides the compensation part. The final discussion is done with selected candidates.



The final offer letter will be provided by the business organization with salary details and rules and regulations of a company and joining date.

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It is necessary to reach for opportunities.Connect4resources will help you to find out the best for you and what you really want to do. Your career will bloom like a garden. Join us to get the best career opportunities and excel. We will provide you the great opportunities in the field of Recruitment and Outsourcing in the area of National and International Recruitments in Information Technologies Sector. Deciding a career or changing from one career to another can be a difficult task. However, with some well thought out career planning, you can start in the right job field/organization or make the transition into another career field with a minimum of effort. Individuals are most satisfied and effective when they look for some kind of employment they want to do and that suits their talents and abilities. We help them to locate the best for them.


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